friends forever

            Sometimes you think you'll be fine by yourself cause a dream is a wish you make all alone, its easy to feel like you don't need help but, its harder to walk on your own//friends? what friends mean to me? they means everything to me. Oh wait they aren't my friends anymore, they're my bestie or you can call it friends forever. I don't even know how to survive this life without friends. Actually, how to survive this life without this 3: God, Family and Friends. Lets talk about how to live without friends. Thanks God, I have 9 amazing bestie. Thank you so much. They're always support me no matter what, they're always beside me whenever I need them. I can talk and share everything I want to them. We seems like family from other parents. We do crazy-stupid-hilarious things together, cause good friends won't let you do stupid things alone. Sometimes, we fight like really really hate each other. There's a time too where we talking about our future, worrying our future. Lol actually we talk everything HAHA. So, what friends mean to you, guys?

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