what am I doing a lot lately

Hey guise, I'll tell you what am I doing a lot lately. Spazzing over those flawless human being, tumblr-ing, reblogging like a madafaka then talk too much on my fangirling account.
Umm improving my editing skill.
Oh wait, I did that everyday, once again everyday.
C'mon I don't know what should I do for this holiday.
Do my homeworks? Lets forget homework for a while.

Here I'll post some of pictures that I edited.
Flawless human pictures.
Not my self potrait, okay?
Don't worry.

my precious kid leader
the goddess

Is it work?
Ada kemajuan gak?

baby jung and baby seo, the goddess maknae
its jung sister guys!!!

my love

Feel free to drop something on the comment box!:D
Tell me moreeee.

credit to taengsky and baeqhyun

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