have you ever felt being forgotten?

Are we just lost in time? I wonder if your love's the same. Cause I'm not over you.
Have you ever felt being forgotten? lucky you if you never felt that way. Being forgotten by someone who really means a lot to you is the most heartache ever. You feel like being dumped. Those who really means a lot to you just throw you away from their life and forgetting you easily. You feel like an old useless toys, they liked you just at the beginning then they will throw you away without any reason they just..throw you away they just forgetting you and remove you from their life. Who do you think am I? hey I'm a human not your toys, don't ever equalize me with toys. When you try so hard to know what's the reason behind that, they're just ignore you. Don't just ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch. Note that.

Not loving you is harder than you know. Cause you're driving me so crazy
Yes, not loving you is harder than you know. I guess you never know that right? Even you're forgetting and throw away me from your life, I can't stop loving you. Nuff said. I don't know why I don't know why. I don't know the reason behind that idiot feeling, it comes naturally..

And if you don't want me then I guess I'll have to go..
Should I let you go? how can I let you go when I still love you? let you go is the hardest part. Yes, the hardest part. You know, even you did that to me like you forgetting me and throw away me I still love you that much. I guess that feeling will never change.

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