This week is badass,cause I'm having holiday but well yeah as usual I'm bored.I decided to go to cinema with ehm my boyfie and of course my friends.We decided to go the cinema at Tuesday and we gonna watch Battleship.Before I watch this movie,I'll try to search some info about this movie its better I know this movie first before I watch it.So,I read the synopsis of this movie.The first words come from my mind after I read the synopsis is "WOW THIS MOVIE HELLA GREAT,MUDDAFUKKA" then I watch the trailer on youtube and once again this words come from my mouth "its gonna be osem,this movie is truly osem".The point is I just realize that Rihanna is one of the character of this movie.WOW.I mean OH MY DEAREST GOD,Rihanna...yeahhh Rihanna,she's the one of the character of this osem movie.Hell yeah I'm spechless,am I the only one that really getting shock?I guess I'm not the only one.Hmm guys you better check out this

   Keren kan? nah I highly recommended you to watch this movie before its too late guys hehe:-D its osem,really its osem:-D 


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