Hi guys! longtimeeeeeeeeee no post,I was so busy last week.I decide to spend my boring satnite by sharing my new moodbooster in here.So yeah here it goes some pic of em..

YEAAAAH,last Sunday my dad bought me this.. actually I ask for that.Finally I have that book,hell yeah!! HAHAHAHA.Raditya Dika is my fav,he's soooooo damn funny.No one can beat him,fyi I love watching his Stand up comedy not only me but all people love it and fyi too I love it when that trio SPBU(Shitlicious,Poconggg and Bena Unyuuu-_-) plus Radith are hanging out and having fun.They're all just crazy HAHAHAH and absrud ofc and that's the reason why I loveeeeee and adore em.. You'll never get bored with all of em.So,I highly recommended all of you whoever read this post to read 'Manusia Setengah Salmon' by Raditya Dika:D if you having a badmood ,you should try to read this book:)

With love,

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