Birthday Party Post

        Hey fellas,guess what? I'm 14 now!!!!!! well I'll tell you everything about March in my another post.I make this post to share everything about my Birthday Party oh nope I mean Our Birthday Party,yes once again OUR BIRTHDAY PARTY,wow this ain't my birthday party but this is our birthday party.
        On the early March,on 3rd March we have a birthday gurl and called her Karina!!! We made some birthday video for her and a little birthday surprise with a tart and lil bit failed but admit it,that's an epic fail;) On 9th March we have  a birthday gurl again,named Nadya!!!!!! we all know that she's such a flawless sweety unyumunyu gurl:) We bought her a blue uniform skirt that we know really useful for her:) we made a lil surprise too for her at The Sister Cafe and then her boyfie came to gave her a cute sweety bolder for her with a mysterious birthday message,OMFG what a sweet moment.Then,on 17th March we have a birthday gurl again and again,well.. but,I can't join that lil surprise for Titan cause well yeah my granny was passed away:(:( I know right,that's just da worst March I've ever know:(:(:( worst March ever.. AND THEN,ON 18th MARCH IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YES,K,I know I know everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday and I feel so blessed and Thank You for everyone but in the same time I feel so sad,cause this year I can't pass my birthday with granny:( Are you all curious with my birthday surprise?ahh I know I know,no one will curious about it but I'll post it later;)
      SO,these are some pic of me and my bitches at OUR BIRTHDAY PARTY!:D HELLA YEAH!!! we celebrate it yesterday at Pizza Hut,we're frickin excited and damn we're having a school holiday!!!XD holy holy yessshhh!!!!!!!

With a real smile,

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