When I see yooo face.......... hahahaha.I'm just just being your secret admirer.Of course I'm just admiring you,mas!Gak lebih dari itu.Actually,I don't know why that feeling has change and grow up into........okay u know lah-_-but,yesterday when I stalking him on facebook,I saw something that really mean.He has a gf!! hahah.Gue ga nangis gue kaga sakit hati,biasa aje-_-cause I know right,he's single or not doesn't mean u can be mine.Dan yang lebih penting lagi,we don't know each other.You are too busy with your activity.Pertama tama lo itu sibuk ekskul and I really trully know u.The second,u are in senior year so u must focus on your school.Study study study and study.

I'm not hoping to be yours,bahahha gr amat yeee.Boro boro ngarep,kenal aja kaga-_-I don't know why I'm so admiring you SO MUCH! U are so unyu&kyutie&handsome mas!and I know,mas pasti baik ga mungkin ngga wkwk.Tapi,keliatannya mas itu cuek ya.BANGET! KELIATAN BANGET KOK.Gue cuma ngarep satu doang.........jengjengjengjeng and itu ga mungkin banget! First,I know your phone number or u giving me your phone number.Second,u know me and ofc I know u.BUT,we're just a friend ga lebih:)cuma itu aja.Kapan gitu ye-o- HAHAHA STOP HOPING! Longlast ya mas sama mba nyaaa:):) keep it last ya.I'm happy to see u both(; Bener!gaboong:'D Sincerely,your biggest fan

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